The 800 lb Gorilla of the Internet

Why? Yahoo! is the No. 1 Internet brand globally and reaches the largest audience worldwide. Yahoo! offers a comprehensive branded network of services to more than 200 million individuals each month worldwide.











Yahoo has survived the Internet “Bubble Burst” by providing value-added paid services.











Yahoo Services?  Hundreds of special services offered globally .

Take a look at










Yahoo Mail Features

         Access it anywhere you can get on the Internet- great for travellers

         Pick up your regular ISP mail easily

         Address books (Netscape, Outlook Express and Outlook ) can be imported in Yahoo Mail

         Handles attachments, free

         Very Customizable

         "SpamGuard" send most junk mail to a special folder

         Has Virus Scan capability for attachments

         Fast and reliable servers

         6 megs of storage free, more available













Yahoo Calendar features:

         accessible anywhere

         great email reminder system

         very customizable--set special holidays, colors, display

         easy to use

         Integrated with Yahoo Mail

         Printable formats

         Setup instructions at













Yahoo Finance features

         Easy to use, fast response

         Relatively uncluttered (for a "free" service)

         Can get in-depth information on any listed stock

         Makes hard to find information readily available i.e. foreign market quotes and news, options, SEC filings, Insider Trading etc.

         Customizable features and display