"Around the World in 60 Minutes"

Hilton Head Island Computer Club
Internet SIG
March 1, 2001

1. Washington, DC
2. New York
3. Boston
4. Chicago
5. San Francisco
6. San Diego
7. China
8. Mt. Everest
9. Taj Mahal
10. The Vatican
11. St. Petersburg, Russia
12. Paris
13. London
14. Bermuda

sites that didn't make the cut

1. Charleston Aquarium
2. New Zealand virtual tour

Fasten your seat belts

The Smithsonian Institution

Unbelievable site with tremendous search capability.  You'll see more online than if you actually go there

White House Tour

Take an online tour of the White House  Meet our Tour Guide

The Statue of Liberty

Learn about thefacts and history of the Statue of Liberty, plan your trip there.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

See the collection online, shop

Freedom Trail in Boston

Take a virtual tour here

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

One of the truly great museums!
See Exhibits

Sears Tower

Great view of Chicago on top of the world's tallest building

Alcatraz Tours

Take a circumnavigational tour of "The Rock"

The San Diego Zoo       Your Guide

The eZoo

See Hua Mei's (the baby panda) virtual photo album

Arguably the best zoo in the world

Time to board our Cyber Concorde

China Tour/Bejing

Tour Bejing,  Great Wall, Ming Tombs and Forbidden City

Climb Mt. Everest

Virtual Reality View from the Summit

Do the web site, it's easier than the real climb


Taj Mahal

Don't miss it the virtual reality tour

See the Sistine Chapel
Go ahead and save some images here

Hermitage  St. Petersburg, Russia

Take a virtual tour of the museum including descriptions, panoramic views and high resolution images of masterpieces.  One of the best online tours.

See digital images of Rembrandt's paintings (if the server isn't too busy)

The Louvre, Paris

Take a tour of the world famous museum, see some exhibits, even SHOP at the museum store!

Are we home yet?

The British Museum

If you're planning to visit London stop at this site to plan your visit to the museum.  Yes, you can SHOP online and have shipments made anywhere by AIR.

Let's take a tour!


London Virtual Tour

Tower of London Virtual Tour

Visit Queen Elizabeth

This is the Official Web Site of the Monarchy

Bermuda Virtual tour

Relax and stroll

Home at Last
and no jet lag!!