Volunteers to tutor
Programs for ExceptionalPeople (PEP)**
Staff Members:

GWEN -   needs instruction on LOTUS SmartSuite,
                especially WordPro.  Also, needs to learn
                basic skills to instruct PEP clients how to
                access/execute educational games.

RICHARD & ELOISE - need to learn LOTUS 1-2-3
                and WordPro.  Also, need to learn basic
                skills in spreadsheet data entry and using
                word processing templates.

SAMANTHA - needs to learn WordPro and be instructed
                in use of multi-media features on PC in order
                to assist handicapped client.

The prerequisites for these volunteer positions are:

    *   commitment for six (6) 1 1/2 hour sessions.

    *    session schedule to be mutually agreed upon,
          Mon-Fri at 8:00-9:30 AM or 2:00-3:30 PM.

    *    patience, understanding and fortitude.

If you are interested in volunteering your time and talent
for this worthwhile project, please E-mail George Minot
at minotg@compuserve.com or call him at 363-5150.

** serving individuals with development difficulties.