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updated May 30, 2001

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WANTED:  Volunteers to tutor PEP Staff Members. MORE 

Rosemary Sparacio is our newest addition to the growing list of Volunteers. She is very knowledgeable about computers.

Gary Kratz has been assigned responsibility for the Top Picks CDROM program. If there are any problems with the disks or suggested additions to Top Picks, please contact Gary.

Frank Fahey has been named Technical Director of the club, and now has primary responsibilty for all equipment at the Resource Center. 

NOTICE: Now all four Resource Center computers can simultaneously access the Internet at high speed.   Just open any browser and you're ready to surf using Adelphia's new bi-directional cable access.

AOL 6.0 has been reconfigured on the DEMO only to connect via  TCIP/LAN using Adelphia's cable service.  Just double click the AOL 6.0 icon and enter your screen name and password.  You will be connected to AOL at cable speed.  Compuserve users should access the Internet using the TECH machine.


After reviewing HHICC's Hardware Acceptance Criteria with potential donors, please refer qualified equipment donors to George Minot, chair of our Hardware Committee (363-5150) or Ron Sibley (681-3298).


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Both AOL 5.0 and 6.0 have been installed on the Demo computer and AOL 5.0 installed on the Tech computer.  For AOL, volunteers and members will need to sign on as a"guest" and use their own account ID's and passwords. The club does not subscribe to these services.

Members who wish to pick up their email at the Resource Center should be directed to the following sites:

AOL members     http://www.aol.com/
Hargray members    http://www.toolkitmail.com/
Juno members    http://webmail.juno.com/login/juno/login.jhtml
Compuserve members     http://www.compuserve.com/gateway/communications/default.asp
Mindsping members     http://www.springmail.com/
Others    http://www.popchecker.com

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The Board of Directors has implemented the following policy:   Please limit the use of a computer for individual or training use to one hour. We ask that members be aware of and courteous to other members and volunteers. The volunteers on duty have discretion to extend that period if no one is waiting to use that computer. 

Volunteers are asked to start all computers when they open the Resource Center in the morning. Remember to log onto Windows by entering the password The User Id and the Password are the same as the computer's "name". If you don't log onto Windows, the network will not be accessible. Please be sure to power down all computers using the switch(s) oh the attendant surge protectors/power strips.

Volunteers in the morning shift, please make sure that when the door is unlocked, it is re-locked before the key is removed. If you don't have a key, remember the TCL staff will be happy to unlock our door for you.Afternoon shift volunteers are responsible for making sure the door is locked before they leave.

Saturday morning volunteers are responsible for making sure the TCLC front door is locked when they leave the building, even though there may be faculty and/or students remaining in the building.

Morning shift volunteers, please be sure to check the answering machine for any messages. When you've written the message(s) down, please remember to delete all messages by pressing and holding the DEL key down for at least 3 seconds and beeps will sound to acknowledge the deletion.

As with most inkjet style printers, please be sure to turn off the new HP InkJet printer after using it with the off/on button on the face of the printer. This is to provide a proper shutdown for the printer that helps prevent the ink from drying out.

The new Brother Laser printer is always "on" as long as the power bar for the Tech computer is on. It is the default printer for the network. When a print command is sent to it by any computer it will "wake up" from sleep mode. In order to print from any system when the network is on and linked, single left-click (slc) on File/Print in the program you are working in. The Print dialog box will appear and you can SLC on OK to send the document to the printer. There is no need to turn this printer on or off using the power switch on its side, unless of course you have a paper jam.

Unless there is a special need for color, always using the laser printer which is set up as the default printer for the network

NEW   For information about the 
HHICC  Top Picks cdrom click here


AOL                                          Jolyn Bowler 785-3639
Assistive Technology               Bart Brophy  681-3613
Genealogy         Bill Allstaetter 689-9558   or   Ed Nash 681-5725
Hardware                                  John Binner 341-3065 
Internet         Frank Fahey 836-3527   or 
                                                                    Harvey Beeferman 363-2667
Investing on the Internet      John Harrison 341-3950  or Gray Kinnie689-9707
MacIntosh         Norm Kronenberg 681-9698  Jim Rattray 363-5770
MS Word                                     Stu Klausner 342-6100
Quicken                                      Lance Johnson 363-6331 
Web Page & Graphic Design    Jolyn Bowler  785-3639
Windows 95/98                           Bob Thompson 842-3019
WordPerfect 2000                      Greta Sencevicky 681-7508

Volunteer Schedule
To send email to a volunteer just click on the name and your email program will open

Monday Bob Pettit
342 3390
Phyllis Herdendorf
842 9929 
Lance Johnson
John Krecker 
842 6984
Tuesday Bob Hattersley
671 6990
Pete Keenan
341 7995 
Jolyn Bowler
785 3639
Bob Hammond
681 7650
Wednesday Frank Fahey
836 3527
Wes Taylor
671 1639
George Minot
363 5150
Gary Kratz
681 2670
Thursday Ed Berngartt
341 7587
Bill  Maddox 
757 4460
Paul Clayton
671 5449
Jim Furlong
689 9517 
Friday John Mirabito
681 3038 
Chuck Fay
689 2850
363 2667
Hans Muller
681 5486
Saturday Frank Ely 
681 8863
Dick Kadesch
342 5764 

Substitutes:      Telephone     Preferences
John Binner        341 3065  Saturday only...still works
Janice Blaufox     681 6939 any day except Friday
John Eddy          689 5021 any day
Seth Haynie        785 6815  Monday thru Thursday 11am-2pm
Emory Logan        671 2213  available Monday, Wednesday or Friday
Joanne Moyer       842 4668  any day
Hans Muller         681 5486
Don Nelson          837 2395 any day except Thursday
Chet Redpath       689 9932  Wednesdays
John Rowley         681 8551 Tuesdays or Fridays
Ron Sibley           681 3298 Thursdays or Fridays
Rosemary Sparacio  342-9911 Thursday or Friday p.m.
Suzanne Vermilye   342 3548   available on Tue & Wed a.m.
Paul Wyss           671-2279 Monday and Thursday p.m.
Tom Williams        671 2898

Volunteer Feedback

We can't make improvements if we don't hear from the Volunteer Staffers. Please be sure to contact George with your comments, suggestions, questions and solutions . .. thanx

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please stay tuned

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news for volunteers
Special Messages to Volunteers
policies & procedures
help lines
volunteer schedule
volunteer feedback
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