Palmetto Bay offers software tools and entertainment aimed at improving the creative process. In the spirit of shareware, these programs may be downloaded for trial usage over the World Wide Web. You may view the registration fees and place orders for our software with the help of this registration page. Registered users may download registered versions of our software.

Language tools from Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay Wordmaster

Download the shareware version!

We're pleased to announce that an offline version of the popular online rhyming dictionary is now available for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. Wordmaster includes all of the functionality of this Web tool, but you can run it directly from your home computer without being logged into the Internet. Wordmaster extends the features of the rhyming dictionary by adding spelling and semantic (synonym) queries, making it an ideal general-purpose lexical search tool. Not only is it far quicker and less cumbersome than physical dictionaries and existing commercial rhymers, it's more powerful, too. For example, you can have the output list for your query sorted based on how near each word is in meaning to a given reference word. Or constrain the list to match a certain spelling pattern. Whether you're creating documents in your favorite word processor or writing lyrics in a music composition program, Wordmaster stays ready unobtrusively in the background, consuming little memory even during searches. The shareware version of Wordmaster includes a 33,000 word dictionary; registration will allow you to access over 110,000 words. If you're interested in ordering this program, please visit the registration page. If you'd like to download the shareware version, click here to go directly to the WinSite archive, or click here for more information.

Logic games from Palmetto Bay

Our award-winning logic puzzles all require the kind of careful forethought, creative problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills rarely exercised in playing today's typical shoot-'em-ups. These games value skill above speed, and are enjoyed by children and adults alike. Written for the VGA MS-DOS environment, they also run nicely in Windows 3.1 and Windows95.

Ordering and registering Palmetto Bay software

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