Presentation to the Investing on the Internet SIG
October 10, 2000

The MedVed Quote Tracker

1. What is it? 

MedVed Quote Tracker is a FREE program that connects to the web sites you pick out of the available list and pulls out stock quote information for you. It also allows you to maintain and track stock portfolios, shows you live intraday charts of collected data, alerts you when the price goals you set are reached, and provides a very easy to use interface to Prophet Finance(tm) for historical charts

2. Features  

 Streaming real-time quotes
 Multiple simultaneous, self updating, real-time intraday charts with technical indicators
 Intraday & Historical Chart Trend Lines (NEW!)
 Advanced Alert System with Email alerts (NEW!)
 Streaming ISLAND Level II Quotes
 NEWS Monitoring
 Multiple portfolios support
 Customizable portfolio views
 Scrolling Ticker Tape
 Portfolio Printing
 Proxy/SOCKS Support
 Ability to connect to many different quote sources
 Historical stock charts from

3. Quote sources-

Go to  and then click on Quote Sources in the left frame.

4. Configuring it 

On the Quote Tracker click on Portfolio, then Edit Portfolio/Alerts.  You can have multiple portfolios.  Add or delete stocks for each portfolio in the box below portfolios.  Then click on Views and make your selections there.  Then click on Options, then Edit Preferences then select your streaming data source, enter ID and password (save it if you wish), then select news source.

5. Getting and Installing the download file

Go to    then click on download, then enter your email address in the appropriate box, then click the gray box to initiate the download of version 1.4.4 .  Save the 3 meg download file (qtsetup.exe) where you will be able to locate it (I suggest the desktop).  Then double click on the download file to install it.   Follow the on-screen instructions.

6. Getting a live quote stream from Datek

Go to, click on open an account, and then on the continue button for Register for Streamer,  or go to this link directly

I have registered for the Investing SIG using an ID SIG34453 and password computer1.  If you use it do not put any personal information on it.  I think the data stays on your local computer, but I'm not sure.

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