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  • Freeware downloads at Palmetto Bay:

    Download these logic puzzles that value skill above speed! Enjoyed by children and adults alike since 1991, these games run nicely in any Windows or MS-DOS environment. 
    •   C2: Download now (58k zipped)

    • The sequel to the popular box-pushing game below, C2 has been rated shareware game of the year by a number of software distribution houses and praised by Compute magazine in 1992. C2 extends the functions of all of the basic box types and adds much larger, user-definable levels. 

    •   Cyberbox: Download now (33k zipped)

    • This classic box-pushing game has inspired many imitations just as it was inspired by games from long ago like Bolderdash. Elegant in its simplicty, this game asks only that you steer a small dot to safety in sixteen challenging levels. Push and get pushed by blocks with various functions. Avoid trapping yourself or blocking an exit with careful forethought. 

    •    Fiddle: Download now (41k zipped)



      A colorful game of visualization and planning, Fiddle tasks you to complete squares of jigsaw-like building blocks using sequences of sliding and rotation operations. It comes with 26 levels, one for each letter of the alphabet.

    •   Gripple: Download now (23k zipped)



      A simple block rotation puzzle based on an old handheld game of the same name.

    •   Wordmaster: Download now (at Winsite; 712k zipped)



      Looking for Palmetto Bay Wordmaster, the offline dictionary tool that used to be available here? Well, it's been retired. It's now enjoying sunshine and golf on Hilton Head Island, but it is still available for downloaded at at WinSite. It has some compatibility issues with many versions of Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine that we can no longer support. Our official recommendation is that you instead visit RhymeZone, which offers so much more if you have an Internet connection. And you clearly do!