Internet Explorer 5.5 – Basics, Tips and Tricks

By Harvey Beeferman 9/21/01



  1. Configuring and customizing – click Tools, Internet Options –set home page, security levels, auto complete and password features as well as many other customizable settings. 


  1. Browser Appearance settings- click View, select toolbars and other appearance settings under View.  To change text size click View, text size then select. To customize toolbar click View, Toolbars, customize, then make preference selections.


  1. Addresses- enter URL’s in box—http:// not needed, often www not needed.  If auto complete is ON you may need to enter only part of address


  1. Favorites- several ways to add to your favorites list—right click on page to get context box, select add to favorites.  Or, click on Favorites, then add to favorites. You can rename favorites and not change its function.
  2. Organizing Favorites—Click Favorites then Organize Favorites, then decide what you want to do.  Double click on folder to see individual favorites.


  1. Use of the Links bar- Click View, Toolbars, then Links.  Drag address icon to left side of Links Bar


Tips and Tricks


  1. Password saving – Set in Internet Options. Click Content, then Auto Complete, then User Names, Save passwords. Recommended only if you are the sole user of the computer.  Passwords can be cleared easily in Internet Options
  2. Use Auto Complete to save time on forms and web addresses
  3. Rename Favorites to include password reminders
  4. Shorten favorites on Links Bar by renaming or abbreviating.  This way 10-15 favorites can be visible without extra clicks. (see image )
  5. Use Print Preview before printing to select pages you wish to print…save paper and ink.
  6. Create favorites on Links Bar by dragging “E” onto it
  7. Use “Tips” by clicking Help, then Tips, then scroll thru them to learn more
  8. Use multiple browser windows if you have 64 meg or more memory
  9. Install search bar for easy searching
  10. Use History to find sites that you visited but didn’t make a favorite