1.  Google.com - Find web sites, reverse telephone lookup, news, images, definitions, product reviews, etc.




  1. Google Maps (maps.google.com) can be used to get maps of areas, get directions to and from, and also to locate local businesses (like restaurants, including reviews).  Maps are draggable and quite legible.


  1. Google Toolbar (toolbar.google.com) - Allows you to use Google from any web page, has an effective pop-up stopper and form filler.  Save searches, easy to install and can be “dragged” to your preferred location on the browser.


  1. Google Custom Home Page offers a myriad of useful “feeds” like local weather, movies, stock quotes, newspapers, magazines etc.  Go to google.com and click on Personalized Home link, then click on the Add Content link.  Add as much content as you wish.  You can arrange the feeds as you wish by dragging and dropping. Use Edit links to change feed, X to delete.  If you have a Google Mail ID you’ll be able to view your custom home page from any computer.


  1. Google Earth (earth.google.com) – Awesome visual display of any place on Earth from satellite photos.  Images vary in resolution, with cities generally higher than rural areas.  Requires installation of program.  Google Mars (mars.google.com) is a treat for astronomy enthusiasts.


  1. Google Desktop (desktop.google.com) - Indispensable feature for the unorganized computer. Helps you locate email, files, visited web sites quickly using keyword search terms. Requires installation.


  1. Google Mail “Gmail” (mail.google.com) - Free email system available from any computer on the Internet.  Allows 2.7 Gigabytes of storage, mail forwarding, and importation of address books. Attachments are automatically scanned for viruses.  Excellent SPAM filter. Gmail can be used with Outlook and Outlook Express (free, no ads displayed).