AVG Anti-Virus Program Workshop

July 11, 2003




Workshop Outline

1.Visit Grisoft Home Page at www.grisoft.com

2.Explain features of AVG

3.Demonstrate how to uninstall Norton Anti-Virus

4.Demonstrate how to download and install AVG

5.Demonstrate how to custom configure AVG

6.Demonstrate how to UPDATE AVG, manually and automatically




AVG Features


How to Install AVG


1.Uninstall your current anti-virus program (Control Panel, Add/Remove)

2.Go to www.grisoft.com at select the AVG Free Edition link on the left side panel.

3.Read the “Get Your AVG for Free!” page then scroll down and click Download AVG Free Edition link

4.Click “Yes” to the license agreement then complete registration form

5.Then click Continue to start download process (5+ megs)

6.Save the download file where you can find it again

7.Open the email from Grisoft and carefully write down the serial number

8.Open the AVG download file and enter the serial number when prompted which will look something like this:

   AVG-1-2109114-FVJ then follow on-screen    

instructions to complete installation of AVG



How to Configure AVG


1.Double click on the AVG icon near in the system tray (lower right corner)

2.Select each of the tabs (Resident Shield, Email Scanner, Update Manager, Scheduler, Information)

3.If you leave your computer on most or all-day AND have a broadband connection, use automatic settings.

4.Use manual settings for scanning and updating if you have a telephone connection to the Internet. Do updates on a weekly or monthly basis.



How to Update AVG


1.If you have selected Automatic Updates, and it works for your situation, there is nothing more to do other than check the Virus Update icon periodically and confirm it is up-to-date.

2.Manual updates should be done monthly unless you receive a special virus alert from Grisoft.  To do a manual update go to www.grisoft.com and click on the Free Updates Page, then select Updates for AVG Free Edition and click on the underlined link.  This is what is currently at that page:


This Update File is designed for AVG 6.0 Free Edition, only. Please check the version of the program and virus database you currently use to determine whether you need this Update or not.



Version Number   




Necessary Files



(3.100.019 Bytes)

Release Date

August 2, 2002





Other Information:


Certification of outgoing attachments

Virus Scan your computer manually

On demand Virus Scan using right click context box