Pictures from Game Six of the 1994 Eastern Conference Semifinals, which was the last game ever played in the old Chicago Stadium, not including an exhibition game over the summer:

Pictures from one of the first games after Michael Jordan's return to the Bulls, still wearing number 45. This game was against Indiana; my friend Matt and I heckled Reggie Miller to death from our courtside seats throughout the game, leading to Miller's 9% effort from downtown (well, ok, the Bulls' defense might have had a little to do with that, too): And, for nostalgia's sake, here's a picture of the Madhouse on Madison, the beautiful old Chicago Stadium, just days before its demolition began (you can see the cranes preparing for their duty). Just above the right tip of the Stadium, way off in the distance, you can just make out the outline of the Sears Tower through the fog. At the right edge of the picture is, of course, the new United Center. The UC is a nice place as new stadiums go, but it lacks the breathtaking architecture of the "ol' barn" across the street, and is so spread out on the inside that it's almost impossible to make noise. The Stadium, on the other hand, was all cramped up and crowded (like a good stadium should be, darnit!), and rocked-n-rolled when the fans got roaring.

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