I'm Evangelical Free, which is basically your run-of-the-mill version of Protestant Christianity. It's close enough to Baptist that I probably couldn't tell you what the differences are. All of the basics are the same, of course, including the central belief in the Trinity and that God sent Jesus to die for our sins.

My favorite activity in church was drama. The highlight of my career was my portrayal of Satan in a reenactment of Carmen's "The Champion". The song, which is about ten minutes long, summarizes the final battle between Christ and Satan using the analogy of a boxing match with God as the referee. It sounds corny, but the song and its message are powerful, and I loved the rush I got during our performances. In 1988, we used "The Champion" as our entry into the national Evangelical Free youth conference and competition. The conference was held during the summer in Denver, and we were brave enough to put on a performance in the middle of the downtown area during lunch hour. Despite our lack of stage makeup or full props, a decent crowd gathered to watch, and by the finale of the song, businessmen (and women, of course) were leaning out of the windows of their buildings, trying to sneak a peek at our show.

Here are a couple of pictures from our Denver street performance (no makeup, partial props, partial costumes, etc.):

And here I am as Satan with most of my stage makeup still on following a local performance, but only wearing a small fraction of my costume.

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